Ad Tracking Basics

Sirge Onboarding Made Easy: A 3-Step Guide

Nolan Donnelly
October 10, 2023

Complete These Next Steps With Sirge

If you've found your way to this blog post, welcome to the Sirge community! We built Sirge for the brand owner, media buyer, agency owner, performance marketer and everyone in between.

We are so excited for you to dive in and experience the full benefits of Sirge.

Make sure to follow along for some important next steps to ensure you get all of your data tracking properly. Follow these steps below:

Click here to watch the full tutorial.

Step 1: Integrate your Shopify Store.

Select the store you'd like to connect Sirge too. Sirge will import all your Shopify data and start reporting on your metrics within 2-3 days.

You can find this data in the "Analytics" tab on Sirge.

Step 2: Connect your Facebook, TikTok and Google Ad Account.

Go to the "Settings" tab and select "Connections" connect each ad account you may have.

This will allow you to import your Facebook, TikTok and Google ads data.

Only after you complete step 3 which is implementing the Sirge ad tracking URL parameters.

Step 3: Apply Sirge URL Parameters to all ads for proper ad tracking.

This is an important step to ensure you can start tracking all your ad data in Sirge.

Watch this video here to learn how to apply the tracking script to every ad.

Feel free to book a call with our team here if you'd like us to set up the tracking with you.

Over the next few days after you've completed all these steps your data will begin to start tracking in Sirge. So be sure to check in daily.

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